Top Protection for Mac in 2019

Despite the efforts of large companies in the field of security, no operating system is 100% protected. Apple computers are not Macintosh systems that we once recognized. For many years, the Macintosh has been considered an invulnerable computer: a reliable operating system that has a reputation for being a system with guaranteed security.

At that time, hackers were targeting computers running the Windows operating system, but as Apple grew in popularity, cybercriminals began to create malicious codes for this “OS” as well. Mac OS X is no longer an impregnable fortress, which is why it requires an antivirus program for Mac.

What are Antiviruses for Mac?

To protect the computer, special anti-virus programs are used to prevent malware from entering the file system of the device, as well as its treatment in case of detection of viruses.

Conventionally, all antivirus software can be divided into two categories:

  • Traditional antiviruses. Permanent applications that are installed on a computer device to check the traffic of the incoming Internet stream for the detection and prevention of viruses.
  • Scanner programs that are run periodically for a one-time audit of the state of files and “cleaning” the computer when malware is detected.
  • Specialized (firewall, vulnerability scanner, secure browser, etc.). An additional list of security programs available for installation.

Ideally, all protection options should be installed on a computer device and best of all from different developers.

Which Antiviruses for Mac are the Best?

The AV-Test together with the International Assembly of Consumer Test Organizations has presented a list of the best antiviruses for Windows and Mac.

The study tested 35 products from 19 manufacturers, both paid and free versions. 25 antiviruses were intended for the Windows operating system, the remaining 10 for macOS.

The three best antivirus programs for Windows include:

  • Bitdefender Internet Security (became the best-paid antivirus for Windows);
  • ESET Internet Security (experts noted its convenience);
  • Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition (the free version of the program, which came first. It protects almost as well, but many features are cut back).

For macOS, the top three antiviruses look like this:

  • ESET Cyber ​​Security Pro (according to researchers, the best antivirus for Mac of 2019 in terms of protection against malicious software and usability);
  • Kaspersky Internet Security (according to experts, it protects the computer better than anyone, convenient, but consumes a lot of resources);
  • Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac (built-in macOS virus protection protects your computer well, easy to use).

The experts noted that the default program on Windows improved its performance compared to 2018, but the built-in macOS virus protection remained in the last place, like a year earlier. At the same time, her overall score decreased. The system proved to be worse, without stopping almost a single virus, the organization said.


So, although the number of threats to the Mac operating system is relatively small compared to the threats developed for other operating systems (such as Windows), we should be aware of the importance of an effective antivirus for Mac to protect our Apple computer and be able to take full advantage of it. Let’s not fool ourselves, let’s move towards preventive security!

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