HP vs Dell: Which One Is Better?

Laptops are now an essential part of our life. At home, at work, sometimes even when traveling, people need laptops. PCs are not so popular anymore. However, nowadays, it’s not very easy to choose a laptop. The variety is so immense you can get lost unless you know what exactly you want. All the companies compete in delivering the fastest, most durable, reliable laptops which deliver smooth performance.

Tastes also differ. While some people need the most powerful laptops to enjoy their favorite video games or to work with complicated software, others don’t care about this feature. They need something very pretty and light so that it was easy to carry around. That’s why nowadays you can buy a laptop with the features you like. The market has lots of options and some of the most famous companies are Dell and HP. Let’s compare them to decide which one is better.

A brief overview of Dell

Well, this is an American-based company that manufactures all sorts of technological equipment. It’s one of the leaders in producing laptops. The laptops are portable, powerful, and reliable. Moreover, they can all work with Microsoft Windows platforms. Let’s find out more about the key characteristics.

1. The design is probably the most controversial point. Many people complain that the company is not keen on optimizing the design. Instead, they focus on the power and reliability of the hardware. Yet, some users still like its design better than the ideas of HP. Dell has recently introduced a few new concepts with the white-gold slim design. The gamers’ laptops also look very modern and fancy.

2. The components are the strongest side of the company. They don’t only manufacture high-quality components but also the most powerful ones.

3. Innovation is often a very discussed category that is compared to HP. The company continues to experiment with different technologies but releases only the best ones. Its research and development department won’t let a new technology to see the world unless they are 100% sure it’s perfect.

4. Customer support is better in Dell than HP. The company offers the best services in the industry. Even when you take a look at the users’ reviews, you are sure to notice that all of them agree that it’s the fastest and most efficient customer support.

5. Thinking about why it stands out, you can clearly see that the wide range of products from budget lines to high-end models. You are sure to get superior quality and efficient support in case any issues occur.

A brief overview of HP

This is the biggest Dell competitor. Hewlett-Packard is very popular and started with manufacturing robust workstation laptops. The company grew quickly and makes very durable and high-quality components. Let’s go over the key characteristics.

1. Compared to the early models, the design has improved a lot. The latest Spectre x360 now has the aluminum design in silver color and expertly crafted hinges which can transform the laptop into a tablet and vice versa.

2. The components are of high quality but Dell makes better. HP processors are slower and the laptops usually have shorter battery life.

3. Innovation is a place for debate because HP does deliver lots of new features. However, they are still not as innovative as Dell.

4. Customer support delivers great customer support and does everything possible to be extra valuable for the customers.

5. The company stands out delivering visually appealing laptops and lots of choices. You are sure to pick something in every price category.

Based on this review you can pick a laptop of any brand with any price tag but Dell delivers better quality.

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