Garmin Dog Collars vs Dogtra Dog Collars

In this guide, you are likely to find the key factors which will help you decide whether to buy a Garmin dog collar or a Dogtra one. We’ll go over the main characteristics to help you pick a more suitable option. However, you should know from the very beginning that both companies deliver great quality and variety. They are the leaders in this industry.

Top 5 things both brands offer

When you start looking closely to both Garmin and Dogtra, you realize how much they have in common. Both companies offer:

1. Systems which were developed for tracking and training dogs.

2. You can use their collars with or without cellular connection because they’ve got uploaded maps. It’s actually very useful since you don’t have to rely on the quality of connection.

3. Both companies allow static and tone-based training.

4. Garmin and Dogtra have nick and constant static simulation.

5. You can add more dogs to both systems. Just buy extra collars and adjust the settings.

Now let’s see how the brands differ and what features every brand brings to the market.

Garmin dog collars and their key elements

This is a more advanced tracking and training system. Moreover, it’s more expensive. So unless you are willing to pay so much, the other brand is your obvious choice.

Garmin products have tons of features and functions. You can customize it and add new features at any time. The customization also allows connecting various collars. It is very convenient, too.

This brand offers to use a handheld device to control the system. Besides, it’s probably the only system which allows all 3 training options which include stim, vibration, and audible training.

Dogtra dog collars and their key elements

First of all, you should understand that this is a more affordable brand. Consequently, you get fewer features and functions. It’s considered to be a simple and basic system. If you don’t want to figure out how to use tons of features, this is your best solution.

Moreover, Dogtra system is controlled from your smartphone. On the one hand, it’s very convenient because you don’t have to carry around all the devices. On the other hand, it drains your battery so you should probably get a power bank, too.

Comparison of the main elements

1. Garmin is a more expensive option, while Dogtra is affordable even for a tight budget.

2. Garmin is more advances and has lots of features. You can add new features and possibilities. Dogtra, on the other hand, is very simple. You get a limited number of possibilities and can’t do anything about it later.

3. Garmin offers a handheld device to control the system, while Dogtra provides you with an app to control it from your smartphone.

4. Dogtra also offers only 2 training options, while Garmin delivers all 3 of them.

5. When you need to connect many dogs to one system, you can buy new collars and do it very easy in both cases. Garmin, however, allows connecting up to 21 dogs and Dogtra up to 20.

The conclusion about the best option

While both companies are the leaders in this industry, Garmin offers much more. It’s a more advanced system with a wider selection of features and extras. However, it’s more expensive. If you need something reliable but you are tight on the budget, you won’t be disappointed with Dogtra dog collars either. It’s a great deal for the money.

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