EXtreme Dog Fence vs PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence: Which One to Pick?

Conventional fences for dogs are clearly out of date. They look terrible and often spoils the view of the backyard. However, are there any other options if your dog is constantly ruining the flowerbeds or swimming in the pool? It appears there exist many methods to restrict the zone where a dog may walk. While some methods are successful, some others keep failing. The most reliable and easy solutions is an invisible fence. Let’s compare the top 2 models in the market and find out why you should get one.

3 reasons to get the invisible dog fence

1. It’s relatively cheap. Money is often an important factor, especially if you are on a tight budget. Buying an invisible fence is even cheaper than a traditional one. Moreover, it doesn’t need maintenance (such as to be re-decorated, fixed, etc.). Just replace the batteries regularly.

2. There is no visible obstruction. Your stylish backyard won’t be ruined by the fence. Simply because you won’t see it. It doesn’t spoil the view or cause any other inconveniences. Only your pet will see it.

3. Flexibility is arguably the most innovative benefit this tool can offer. Set it up wherever you want, move it, etc.

The peculiarities of PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence

First of all, the PetSafe manufacturer is the most famous company for pet solutions. Its fences are often the top choices. They held their positions even after many similar solutions were introduced in the industry. It’s the top option because it’s reliable, cost-effective, and may be installed in a couple of hours.

When you open the box, you’ll also see a collar and a few extra batteries. This is actually very nice of the company to think proactively and deliver them. There are 5 levels of static correction. If your dog is trained to some commands, you can use the tone mode as well. Just like every other wireless dog fence, it is round.

There are numerous advantages to buying this model:

• It’s easy to install,

• Has a waterproof transmitter and receiver,

• Great range,

• 5 levels of static.

Nevertheless, not everything is excellent. The battery type is uncommon, so you’ll need to stock them beforehand. Besides, if you don’t install it properly, there might be a few places the fence won’t reach.

The key characteristics of eXtreme Dog Fence

This model comes with a strong transmitter that can deal with many dogs. Moreover, this kit covers a huge territory of up to 25 acres so you may define the settings the way you want. It’s 100% customizable and comes with 3 antennas. Besides, there are 12 battery checks. Another wonderful peculiarity is that you may pick a layout design you prefer. There are lots of benefits in choosing this wireless fence. They include:

• The flexibility of design,

• Waterproof receiver collar,

• Is able to contain the dogs of all sizes,

• Covers a huge territory,

• Has a thick 14-gauge wire.

Nevertheless, this option has its drawbacks, too. First of all, the collars can lack quality control sometimes. Moreover, there is no actual manual and it can be confusing to set everything up without it.

The conclusion

Both companies deliver great products but have certain peculiarities. Take them into account and pick the best solution for your dog. These are not the most expensive but the most reliable for sure. Let’s learn more about each option and the advantages they provide.

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