Comodo Antivirus Review: Pros and Cons

Complex antivirus software for experts only. If you need some powerful protection and you are an advanced user, Comodo antivirus might be the perfect option for you. Let’s learn more about the software, its main features as well as compare the pros and cons.

The main advantages worth knowing:

1. It has tons of features,

2. Very customizable and configurable,

3. There is a very effective sandbox.

The drawbacks Comodo has:

1. The lack of web filtering,

2. Only a few independent labs tested it,

3. Too complicated features that require expert knowledge.

The general overview of Comodo antivirus

When you take the first look at the software, you realize how unusually powerful it is. There are multiple security layers and features which protect your PC and data from all sorts of threats.

Real-time protection detects and blocks malware before it does any harm. It also offers to run all the new and suspicious programs in the sandbox. This Comodo feature is probably the best on the market.

The installation process

You can install and launch the software in a few clicks and very fast. However, mind that initially you install a free version. When the installation is over, you are offered to upgrade to the premium where you’ll be able to use all the features.

The main features

This is where the program stands out. The versatile and flexible interface can be adjusted to your preferences. However, if you don’t have any expertise in this field, it’ll seem too complicated and hard.

Surely, you don’t have to get in too deep and simply use the features you need. For example, you can easily run a Scan (a quick or a full one).

The software comes with its Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) which is extremely powerful and can help you set up the rules for the installed programs. To put it simply, you can define which things every single app on your PC can and cannot do.

You can install it on any Windows version (including the latest ones). The official website offers the software for Mac OS and Android, too. You’ll get a firewall and a powerful proactive protection system. There is a content filter which is basically a part of the firewall but has separate functions. It is responsible for the blocking of phishing sites, dangerous websites, etc.

Another impressive feature you won’t see in the average antivirus programs is the integration with Comodo KillSwitch, a Task Manager with tons of extras. For instance, you can see if the malware did any harm to your HOSTS file, DNS settings, etc. It’ll also restore everything to the default stage if needed.

The package also comes with Comodo Dragon. This is a browser which is based on Chromium and has a free antivirus inside. It was created for your safe online activities.


Some tests have shown that the antivirus delivers 100% protection, while some other sites put it far from the top of the list. It’s a very disputable question because only a few independent labs have tested it.

Customer support

While the official website offers technical support, it seems to be unavailable. This can be a very important factor in the decision-making process.

The verdict on the antivirus

All in all, it’s a very powerful tool. You can benefit from it the most if you have some expert knowledge in this sphere or great skills. The interface is complex but packed with features to keep your PC and the data on it completely safe.

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