Best Dog Camera Treat Dispenser 2020 Review

Feeders for dogs and puppies feed the dog in time in your absence. Continuous feeding and portioned meals at certain times of the day. This dog camera treat dispenser 2020 will allow you to leave your pet for a vacation or a weekend. PetWant quality feeders will always provide your dog or puppy with fresh food. All products have warranty periods from the manufacturer. Our consultants will tell you in detail and help with the selection of these important and necessary products.

PetWant has been committed to the healthy eating of animals since 2012. The manufacturer introduces innovative technologies into production, making life easier for pet owners around the world. PetWant Auto Feeder lets you control your pet’s food intake even when you’re not at home.

Benefits of the PetWant Auto Feeder

Do you want your pet not to overeat and stay healthy, but you don’t have time to monitor its nutrition? When there is a PetWant feeder, you can safely go to work and be sure that the cat will eat the necessary portion of food at the scheduled time. You can set all the necessary parameters for eating through the special PetWant application – it can be downloaded for Android and iOS operating systems. Advantages of the PetWant auto feeder:

  • Convenient control via smartphone.
  • The feed is fed automatically.
  • A wide-angle built-in camera tracks the number of meals and the rest of the food.
  • You can specify a voice command for the operation of the feeder.

PetWant app

The owners can download the PetWant application, where they can track the remainder of the feed in the feeder, the number of pet meals per day. First, you need to enter information about the pet in the application: weight, breed, activity and other parameters, then the program will automatically select the order of food intake. In the absence of owners, the feeder will issue the necessary portion according to the schedule set in the application.

Features of the PetWant Auto Feeder

The animal feeder is made of ABS plastic and holds 4.3 liters of feed. The built-in camera allows you to track the movement of a cat/dog live. The container prevents the weathering of food and allows the feed to stay fresh for a long time. With the PetWant auto-feeder, your pet’s nutrition will be healthy and rational, it will definitely not eat anymore.

Advantages of the PetWant automatic feeder over other analogs

  1. Control panel with display. The feeder is equipped with a control panel, with which you can configure all the functions, including setting the scheduled feeding and serving weight.
  2. Built-in microphone and speaker. The feeder is equipped with a loudspeaker and a microphone. Thanks to this, you can record a voice message for your pet in advance. In the future, the feeder will invite him to the next meal in your voice.
  3. Scheduled automatic feeding. An integrated microprocessor is responsible for the timely supply of feed, which can work according to a pre-set schedule, in which up to 4 feedings can be programmed.

How to use a feeder

Dry food is poured into the container through the top hole, closed with a lid. At the bottom of the device is an automatically extendable tray, the amount of feed in which and the feeding time is set using the control panel with a display. You need to set up a feeding schedule (maximum 4 feedings) or give a direct command for the delivery of food. If necessary, you can call the pet to the feeder using the microphone and speaker in the device.

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